Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

Pearl Jam
Monkeywrench Records

Rating: 5.5

The cover to Pearl Jam’s latest album “Backspacer” is reminiscent of their 1996 release “No Code” with its collage of random images.  The big difference of course is that “No Code” featured blurry photographs while the new release displays well defined comic style drawings. The same comparison can be made about the music on the two albums.  The band that once blurred the lines of style and genre have transformed into a distinct, predictable caricature of their former selves. 

On “Vitalogy” and “No Code”, Eddie Vedder became the godhead of the group, writing the majority of the songs and taking their sound into more experimental territories.  After “No Code”, the band almost had a falling out, and Eddie realized he needed to pull back and let the whole group take part in the creative process. Their collaborative approach, beautifully captured on the documentary “Single Video Theory”, resulted in one of their finest albums to date, “Yield”.   From that point forward, the songwriting continued to be equal opportunity. Unfortunately, the process that once worked so well didn’t yield the same results on mediocre releases like “Riot Act” and “Binaural”.

That’s where we sit today with “Backspacer”, a collection of milk-toast songs with little, to no attempt to push the boundaries of their sound.  Instead we get arena rock anthems with paint by numbers guitar hooks that sound contrived and forced.  But maybe that’s the type of music they need at this juncture in their career where filling arenas takes precedence over filling their albums with sincerity and soul.  The majority of the songs on “Backspacer” would fit nicely on a concert playlist, while you’ll never hear a concert performance of such arty classics as “Bugs” and “Push Me, Pull Me”.  (I could be wrong on this point, although I doubt anyone wants to take the time to scour the collection of over 200 concert albums to prove it). 

 There are a few highlights on “Backspacer”, and they just so happen to be the songs solely written by Eddie himself.  “Unthought Known” is the pick of the litter while “Just Breathe” and “The End” sound like they were written alongside his work for the “Into the Wild” soundtrack. But even these diamonds in the rough seem a bit too produced. What made his solo work so great on “Into the Wild” was the barebones approach, no string section necessary, which are relied upon heavily in both songs.  Still, any overproduced Vedder song trumps a Jeff Ament song any day.  

 Eddie should be commended for sacrificing the self for the whole, the five against one approach, but writing music for “Into the Wild” may have been a bit of a blunder because it illuminated how much the band is holding Vedder back.


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11 responses to “Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

  1. Brent Jones

    You are an idiot. This new Pearljam album rocks.

  2. valhalladeath

    While it isn’t among their best, it is still easily their best album in many years. 8/10 from me.

  3. valhalladeath

    Oh, and Brent Jones smokes crack. Vitalogy was easily Pearl Jam’s best effort. But then again, I bet he does know a lot about the art of sucking dick, so who am I to argue?

    • android50

      Don’t get me wrong, there are probably 5 solid songs on the album. But then the other half of the album is complete garbage. They are trying to sound like the Ramones or something, and it’s not working.

    • android50

      Actually, I think “Brent Jones” is actually “Paul Peterson” trying to get a rise out of me. If it’s not Paul, he may actually be the cock smoking douche he portrays himself as.

  4. Songs Suck

    uh, i think we all know who paul might be. it aint’ fucken brent jones.

  5. Songs Suck

    if you ask me vitalogy is by far their best

  6. Brent Jones

    No real Pearljam fan likes “Vitalogy”. And I was merely talking about the album, but you two have to make it all personal. Real classy gentlemen.

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