Cheap Time “self-titled”

Cheap Time
(In the Red: 2008)


I had skipped over this one, as I had heard it described as “new wave” one too many times.  I am many things, but I cannot count among them ‘a man with a hard on for lots of new wave albums’.  So I felt pretty safe leaving this one on the racks unheard and unloved.  But In the Red Records have been on such a role lately, and I spotted it in the used rack at my local record store.  So I thought to myself, “hum, I might pick that up.”  Then, “where you coming from now?  You hate new wave.”  Then, “but it’s only 4 dollars.”  And on and on, with the end result it being in the CD player later that day, obviously. 

 But this ain’t your mama’s favorite new wave band.  I can see why everyone insists on calling it that, but this is new wave with BALLS.  Big hairy balls, balls that have balls of their own.  (So let’s see, you have two gigantic balls, each of which has two balls of its own.  So this is a new wave album with six balls).  These balls don’t just lay around all day in a nut sac either.  No, way.  These balls like to get down, jump around, fuck shit and just have a riotously good time in general.  So yah, new wave, you’ll like this album if you like Blondie (fronted by Jay Reatard) or the B-52’s (fronted by Andy Falkous).1 

1  Editor’s Note:  if Paul is saying Cheap Time are like a cross between Blondie and Jay Reatard or the B-52’s and Mclusky, he is full of shit.  Nothing is that good.

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