Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Back in the 60s, The Who gained notoriety and fame for their bratty, rebellious song “My Generation”, a tune best known for Roger Daltrey’s howling voice singing, “I hope I die before I get old.” Well, other than Keith Moon, none of the fellas got their wish, a fact that was evident on Sunday as the senior citizens rocked their way through a medley of classic hits.  Despite being old fogies, I thought the elderly gents put on a decent show. With the over-the-top luminescent set attempting to upstage them (pun intended), Daltrey still shimmied his way around the stage on hobbled knees, and Pete Townshend pulled off his signature guitar moves like he did back in the days before the pedo charges (I was disappointed that he didn’t smash his guitar into the halogen stage).

A picture of Pete when the feds were knocking at his door.

Despite putting on what I would deem the best Super Bowl halftime performance since 2002 when U2 brought their spectacular live show to the grid-iron, many bloggers have been panning the NFL’s halftime choice, most of them questioning why they’d choose such an old band.  The day after the performance, those ass clowns at DrudgeReport posted a picture of the band with the  simple caption, “Who?” Unfortunately this lack of knowledge of The Who went beyond conservative douche bags.  My roommate returned from a Super Bowl party that night saying that the women at his shin-dig didn’t recognize any of the songs, except “Won’t Be Fooled Again”, or as they probably titled it “the theme song from CSI”.   They didn’t recognize “Baba O’Riley”? “Pinball Wizard”?  Aren’t these classic rock radio staples?  As far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t have “Who’s Next” on their i-Pod should be burnt at the stake.

"This isn't a question...of who dun it? Rather.. did The Who... do it?"

Yes, obviously The Who are old, and yes, they have been on their farewell tour for about 20 years now, but the fact that bloggers are questioning this choice is straight-up foolish. Ever since Janet Jackson’s saggy tit fell out five years ago we’ve been presented with a parade of wrinkled rockers who are way beyond their days of causing controversy (the past five years line-up: Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty, and of course, The Who).  It’s all a reaction to MTV’s halftime productions that tried pushing the envelope.  And even now, when they are attempting to avoid a national debate, the dummies failed to give The Who a background check to find out that Pete Townshend is a naughty, naughty boy.

Rumor has it, they are going to continue the pedo theme next year with a performance by Gary Glitter.

Eventually, they will run out of old white dudes for their halftime spectacle and be forced to look elsewhere for talent.  Is there a modern artist that could pull it off?  Nickelback would make 90% of the country throw-up all their hot wings and baby franks while Lady Gaga would probably have fighter jets pouring pig’s blood over the audience.  If you put Faith Hill up there you’d have 50% of the country turning away due to their standards, and a Beyonce performance would result in a Tea Party revolt (they don’t seem to care much for black people).  I would suggest a The Flaming Lips for a halftime show due to their insane live performances, but if people don’t know “Behind Blue Eyes” how the hell can I expect them to know “She Don’t Use Jelly”?

As far as I’m concerned, they are in a lose/lose situation. Our country no longer has a collective love of one artist or band. I doubt we will ever see a band like The Beatles or an artist like Elvis ever again; there are just so many more options out there for us.  As much as I hate to say it, they should probably drop the whole music act angle all together.  Give us a show! Put Cirque De Solei out there or The Blue Man Group.  Let us see the type of extravaganza shown at the Beijing Olympics a few years ago.  Not even “The Puppy Bowl” could compete with that.


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3 responses to “Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

  1. Roger

    Just FYI. “won’t get fooled again” is not the song used for the CSI dorks. It’s “who are you”

    • android50

      You’re right and wrong. “Who Are You?” is the theme to “CSI”, but “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is the theme to “CSI: Miami”. I’m more familiar with “Miami” due to Carusso’s cheesy intros on YouTube.

  2. Brent Jones

    When all angles are considered, thhe Who are quite possibly the greatest band ever. Period.

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