Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse stinks. Really, why are we still talking about this talentless chump?  Early on he had promise with the ingenuity displayed on “The Grey Album”, combining The Beatle’s “White Album” with Jay-Z’s “Black Album”.  But what has he done since? Gnarls Barkley is over-rated dreck as far as I’m concerned, and every project he’s overseen as “producer” has turned out drab and disappointing (Gorillaz, Beck, The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, etc). He is the musical equivalent of M. Night Shyamalann. M. Night’s first couple movies were great, but I dare you to argue that anything since “Unbreakable” has been watchable (I refuse to listen to Zoey Deschanel’s She & Him simply because of her association with “The Happening”; the same goes for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch).

With the recent release of Broken Bells self-titled album, a collaboration between The Shin’s James Mercer and Danger Mouse, I decided to pronounce this as “Bob Dylan Hates Danger Mouse Week” here at BDWPS.com. Over the next few days I will be reviewing his destruction of artists throughout the past decade. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, I’m going to take you through Danger Mouse’s career, starting with a look back at his first album, “The Grey Album”, and how it was way too over-hyped at the time. I’ll then move to the present, discussing how he has somehow taken the pristine voice of James Mercer and buried it beneath production. And finally, I look at what life after Danger Mouse looks like.

I’m done with the hoopla that surrounds this guy. It’s undeserving. We must stop this sickly rodent from roaming the streets of the music world, infecting talented musicians with his bland, predictable production style that paralyzes creativity.

Where's the Orkin Man when you need him?


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2 responses to “Danger Mouse.

  1. WhozURDaddy

    Everyone has an opinion. BTW, DM’s first record is not the Grey Album, it was Pelican City – Rhode Island.

    I’ve been following him since the late 90’s and I think he’s one of the best producers out there. I’d like to see him get back in to hip hop again at some point.

    • android50

      I read that he had done work as Pelican City, but I’ve never listened to any of it. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I’m basing my judgement solely on the crap he’s done under the limelight. As you said yourself, he’s moved away from hip-hop and seems to be trying to do things that go beyond his talents. I guess I’ve been pissed off ever since Beck’s “Modern Guilt”.

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