Video Clip of the Week: Quincy Punk Rock Episode

Since so many readers loved our “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction” post from a few weeks ago, I thought I’d post another classic TV favorite of mine.  The 1970s coroner crime show “Quincy M.E” is ridiculously hilarious. It was supposed to be a serious mystery drama, but the idea of a medical examiner crashing cars off of cliffs, getting into gun fights, and leading press conferences is a bit much.

The best Quincy episode of all is simply known as “The Punk Rock Episode”.  This episode has gained attention from various sources, whether it be the Spoon song entitled “Quincy Punk Episode”, or The Opie and Anthony Radio show’s constant references to it.  In the classic episode, Quincy must explore the death of Abigail, a girl who died of a codeine overdose…yes, the same stuff in Nyquill.  It’s hard to find this much humor packed into three minutes like the scene when Quincy stops a punk rock show to try speaking to a crowd of “punks”.

Here’s the Spoon song “Quincy Punk Song”:

And here’s just a snippet of Opie and Anthony riffing on this episode:

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