Video Clip of the Week: Black Sabbath for Ukulele

As I often do on national holidays such as today (Memorial Day) I went shopping. No, I didn’t leave the house in fear of the highways crammed with families scrambling to the closest lakes and rivers. Instead, I go online and check for the specials that coincide with the holiday (anymore, commerce seems to be the reason for these holidays).

I rarely buy anything on these searches, and I didn’t buy anything today.  But, while filling my virtual shopping cart with items I would eventually opt to not get from, I came across something pretty incredible.  I’d reached the $190 mark with my purchases when I realized that if I went above $250 I would raise my percentage off from 5% to 10% (this is how they getcha!).  “Hmmm….what do I need….what do I need?” I asked myself, fully knowing I don’t need any of the $190 dollar items already set aside. Then it hit me: a ukulele! Of course! Everyone needs a ukulele!

After finding a real sweet deal on a uke, the site suggested items that would go great with my purchase. And that’s when I saw it. “Black Sabbath for Ukulele.”  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this April Fools? No, that’s not a national holiday. I clicked on the link, and sure enough, Ozzy and the gang stared back at me from beneath the title “Black Sabbath for Ukulele.”  The juxtaposition of Black Sabbath and ukulele blew my mind.  How did the happy-go-lucky sound of a ukulele work for playing the dark, sinister riffs of Sabbath?

I had to find out. Soon after, I found myself on YouTube searching out amateurs covering the legendary band on the Hawaiian instrument. After clicking on a few embarrassingly bad clips, I found this clip. Although his voice is suspect, he illuminated just how surprisingly great the meeting of these two musical forms could sound.  Plus, as his introduction says, this was posted for a “Metal on Ukulele” contest. Although I didn’t end up purchasing a uke or the songbook, I have begun practicing Slayer on banjo, just in case.

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