Video Clip of the Week: Vegan Black Metal Chef

I’m not much for cooking shows, although I have a sweet spot for Rachael Ray. I’ve found that with most of these programs I either get bored or hungry.  If only the Food Network would add the Vegan Black Metal Chef to their roster. Not only would he be the first vegan chef on the channel, but he’d also inject the line-up with some excitement (albeit in the form of black metal).  I at first enjoyed this clip because of its hilarity (whether it be the knife or the lyrics that jump from satanic praises to directions on how to make a sauce).  Then, 10 minutes in, I realized I was no longer watching it for humor but because I was actually learning something. I’m far from vegan, but this clip had me tempted to step into the depths of tofu hell.  Below is the first episode; he recently posted his second. Don’t be fooled by the imitators on youtube. None of them are nearly as funny or have the great music found with the one and only Vegan Black Metal Chef.

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