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Video Clip of the Week: Fucked Up at Chaos in Tejas 2011

Back in June I attended the Chaos in Tejas music festival in Austin, and needless to say, it was a blast. I saw a ton of great artists, and even the mediocre bands were fun to watch because, frankly, the festival caters to performers that throw caution to the wind. Fucked Up, a band that performed with reckless abandon (at least Pink Eye) were the highlight of the weekend for me.    My outpouring of enthusiasm led me to the front of the stage (i.e. the Pink Eye fueled pit) and as a result I didn’t film the show. Fortunately, someone did capture the event and finally posted it a few weeks ago.

For those that know what I look like, you can find me in there, especially if you’re a “Where’s Waldo?” ace:

Pink Eye has some of the best crowd interaction I’ve seen in a while out of a front-man (hugging them, bouncing off them, and at one point, pile-driving them) but one small aspect of the show seemed odd. Since he spent 97% of the show in the audience (this figure could be off by 1-3%) a guy stood on the stage holding the mic cable in the air and guiding it over the crowd, following Pink Eye’s path like it was some type of live action “Family Circus” cartoon.  I’ve seen many artists take the mic into the crowd, but never have a seen a mic chord wrangler and something about it bothered me. The rampant chord is part of the punk rock experience, choking, tripping, and clotheslining fans.  I’d hate to suggest Pink Eye go wireless, but there has to be a middle ground.

Or I could just shut up and enjoy the show.

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