Video Clip of the Week: Me nombre es Eddie Vedder

One look at a list of this fall’s new television shows and it is once again made clear how unoriginal Hollywood is these days. “Charlies Angels”? Again? Oh, but one is black this time, so that makes it different, right? Oooh, but there’s a new Tim Allen show about a man being a man! (cue animal sounds). The critics seem to like “Pan Am”, a show about 1960s stewardesses making it in a male chauvinistic world. That’s TOTALLY different from “Mad Men” because it’s about women in the 60s…not men! Go get’em gals!

But the new show that has been overdone beyond necessity is Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor”.  He claims that it will be a completely new twist on the singing competition, but one look at the line-up of judges and it’s pretty obvious that not much has changed.  Sure, America loves a good singing competition, but why not truly do something different? Take Chile’s show “Me Nombre Es…” where Chileans step onto the stage and try imitating American music icons. Just check out this clip of Javier Diaz, some dude from Chile who wails out the best Eddie Vedder impression I’ve ever heard.

Watch out Eddie…don’t forget how easily Journey ditched Steve Perry for a Filipino kid.

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One response to “Video Clip of the Week: Me nombre es Eddie Vedder

  1. valhalladeath

    Damn…that is uncanny

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