BDWPS Podcast #1

Yes, I’ve decided to enter the world of podcasting.  I was thinking about all the songs, albums, and ideas that I never get to write about on here due to a lack of time, and I decided that a podcast would be an easy way to clean out the cache.  I plan for the BDWPS Podcast to function much like a radio show with me talking between songs.  Give it a listen and subscribe to it at iTunes if you like it. Just look up “BDWPS” and the good ol’ Uncle Bob symbol will pop up.

BDWPS Podcast #1

Or subscribe to us over at iTunes:


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3 responses to “BDWPS Podcast #1

  1. LeSieur

    “Bad ass”

  2. And Jesus was liberal. Which is easier to accept? Dylan was non-political. Does the the truth have a liberal bias like Stephen Colbert’s famous quote?

    • android50

      Wow…not even sure what this is in response to…this podcast doesn’t mention Jesus, Stephen Colbert, or the word “liberal.” someone might be crazy-biased.

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