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Midnight Man and the Okoboji Girl

Web-based video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are a god-send for audiophiles like myself. Whether it be revisiting some of your favorite music videos from childhood, checking out classic interviews from the past, or watching bands perform live that were around before your time  – these sites have it all. Despite all these unearthed, invaluable treasures, my favorite online music related video has remained the same the past few years, and it has nothing to do with Bob Dylan, Husker Du, or Archers of Loaf. In fact, the video is not even in the same vein of entertainment.

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Ty Segall Band “Slaughterhouse”

Ty Segall Band


[In the Red; 2012]

Rating: 8.5

I’m beginning to think Thee Oh See’s John Dwyer must be some sort of mentor for his younger fellow San Francisco friend Ty Segall.  Many of the choices Segall has made, both carreer-wise and aesthetically, have followed in Thee Oh Sees path.  One obvious lesson learned from Dwyer is hard work. Thee Oh Sees have released five albums in the past three years. Segall has followed suit, releasing four albums in the past two years, with reports that another album may make its way to shelves still this year. As a result of this constant flow of new material, I’ve felt that some of these albums have been hit-and-miss affairs. “Goodbye Bread,” although fun at times, came off as a bit silly, a little sleepy, and slightly sloppy. This year’s collaboration with White Fence took on the same carefree approach, and although I enjoy its psychedelic folk experimentation, a few tracks seemed like left-overs dressed up as the main course.

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BDWPS Podcast #5

Low on resources, I recorded today’s podcast on an old tape recorder I found in the garbage at work. The result is the first ever lo-fi podcast. On this podcast I discuss some of my favorite summer albums of 2012, and I visit a few tracks that have been stand outs for me this past month including James Brown, Real Estate, Yellow Ostrich, and much, much, more. Check it out here or look up BDWPS on iTunes and subscribe.

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