METZ “Get Off”

I’m currently sitting in a Jiffy Lube somewhere south of Omaha, Nebraska, prepping my car for a two week road trip through the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. Not wanting to go stagnant during this trip, I decided to make a quick post before hitting the road. This post is being composed via my phone (a first for BDWPS) so please excuse any grammatical, format issues.

There was once a time where I posted a video clip once a week, but once it became a chore, I ditched the Video Clip of the Week concept. For this special, last minute post, I couldn’t think of a quicker, easier way to kick off my hiatus than with the latest METZ video for the song “Get Off.”

For this video, METZ brought in fellow Sub Pop label artist Chad VanGaalen, who might be more well known for his artwork than his music. A few years ago I obsessed on here about his video for his song “Peace On the Rise” and once again he’s brought the goods for METZ. Enjoy this trip through the mind of VanGaalen…and the song is not too bad either.

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  1. Good to see our local boy making damn good videos alongside his damn good music.

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