Bob Dylan- Always the Innovator

50 years ago, Bob Dylan started a recording career that would revolutionize music forever. To commemorate his evolution over the span of 43 albums, Sony Records has released the entirety of his music library in a $180 box set, The Complete Album Collection: V.1.  The inclusion of V.1 in the title seems a bit-tongue in cheek with Dylan now 72 years old, but it may be sincere considering how good ol’ Bob is still touring endlessly and churning out new material about every three years. It may not be to the level of say a Highway 61 Revisited, but to suggest Dylan is a waning enterprise would be premature. In fact, two of Dylan’s recent ventures show that he is still an innovator in the world of music.

“Like a Rolling Stone” Interactive Video

To help promote the release of the career spanning box set, this interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone” was created.  Emulating a television set, no two viewings of the video are the same due to the viewers ability to skim the channels where they can see the likes of Pawn Stars, The Price is Right, and hip-hop artist Danny Brown lip-syncing the classic song. While the different channels feature what you’d expect to see from these various programs, the action on the screen always seems to mirror the legendary lyrics.

Check it out here:

Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series App

Have you ever wanted to read lyrics to classic Dylan songs while listening to it? There’s an App for that. Yes folks, there is a Bob Dylan App, and no, it’s not as worthless as the Bon Jovi App. Another promotional tool by the brain-trust at Columbia/Sony, this App came out alongside the release of The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971). Rather than simply providing an App with photos and pointless options, the Bootleg App offers  as interactive of a listening experience as you can imagine. Whether it be reading lyrics while listening, reading up on the history behind each song, or watching videos of musicians and historians talking about each track, the Bootleg App provides for endless listening and non-stop learning about the mythology that is Bob Dylan.

Here’s to Bob, still innovating after all these years.

Get the App free here (although you will have to buy the album in order to access all the content):

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  1. Oh, man! That video is brilliant. Thanks for sharing this. More power to Dylan!

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