Video Clip of the Week: Focus “Hocus Pocus” ’73

I’m not sure if it’s a known fact here on BDWPS, but I’m a huge San Antonio Spurs fan.  My obsession with Spurs basketball rivals my enthusiasm with indie music. Needless to say, I’ve been in full celebration mode since the Spur dismantled the Miami Heat a few weeks ago.  After the Spur’s game 3 victory, I was checking my twitter for news updates and snarky comments from fellow fans.  Amidst my state of bliss, I came upon the following tweet from indie rocker Mikal Cronin.


Of course, if Mikal recommends it, you have to check it out (so I did):

Now, put yourself in my shoes: you’ve just witnessed the team you’ve been passionately following for over 20 years defeat the defending champs by 19-points on their court.  Then, follow that moment of exuberance with this mind-boggling performance by Dutch prog-rockers Focus. The yodeling, the jazzy drum rolls, the boisterous guitar riff, the flute, and the epic whistling at the end – all of it together perfectly captured what I was feeling inside.  Caught up in the moment, I impulsively posted the video to my Facebook friends (many of whom are also Spurs fans) and stated how it captured my euphoria.

In response, one of my friends wrote: “There is only one 70s prog group with the word ‘focus’ in their name. and they ain’t dutch, motha.” My first response was annoyance toward this killjoy raining on my yodeling celebration, but then I wanted to figure out what “focus” band he referred to.  After a little research, I came upon the German kraut-rock band Out of Focus. Since this friend happens to have an extensive knowledge of 70s prog-rock, I decided to cap off my perfect night with a listen to their music.

Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I found their music to be superior to the music of Focus, but in my defense, I never had any intention of touting Focus as some great band. The past few years I’ve done podcasts focusing on the years 1970 and 1971, and I can’t help but feel I missed out on the two Out of Focus albums that came out in those consecutive years.  I guess I can always play something off of Four Letter Monday Afternoon, considered by many to be their most adventurous effort.

I am thankful for Mikal Cronin helping me discover a couple 70s gems, and Focus’s “Hocus Pocus” has been listened to on several occasions since that memorable game 3 (it’s become my own personal “We Are the Champions”). I’m curious as to how the song fits into RoboCop 4‘s narrative, but I refuse to watch what amounts to another failed attempt at cashing in on the nostalgia of middle-aged men. Then again, maybe my viewpoint has been tainted a bit by my allegiance to the band Future of the Left.


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3 responses to “Video Clip of the Week: Focus “Hocus Pocus” ’73

  1. There was a lot of power and energy there. Loved the flute, since that is one of my instruments of choice.

  2. I think all 3 Out Of Focus albums were excellent. Nice to see the band featured – doesn’t happen often, sadly.

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