Spuran Spuran “Spurs”


You already know I’m a music junkie, but this obsession is almost matched with my fervor for San Antonio Spurs basketball.  I spend many-a-night combing my two favorite things – there’s nothing better than a Spurs game set to some good ol’ doom metal.  Despite the reality that BDWPS.com is  a music blog, I’ve found ways over the years to sneak a little bit of this Spurs fandom into posts. In the past I’ve compared legendary music producer Steve Albini to Spurs coach Greg Popovich, I’ve used a  prog-rock video from Hocus Pocus to express my joy after a big Spurs win, and I’ve even used the Spurs as an excuse for why I haven’t blogged lately.

Last year I even used an entire post to try and convince the BDWPS faithful that Spurs power forward Matt Bonner is the DIY hero of the NBA by pointing out his friendships with the likes of Arcade Fire and War On Drugs, his shoe deal with the unlikely New Balance, his sandwich blog, and his various comedic videos posted to YouTube over the years.

Last week he returned to the YouTube airwaves, and I felt compelled to share it.  The first video came out of no where, a Spinal Tap-like vignette of a band named Spuran Spuran featuring several members of the Spurs dressed in 80s new wave gear.

The clip ends with a promise of a music video being released on the 14th at 5 pm, and you can bet I was waiting with bated breath for the video the next evening.  The final video for the song entitled “Spurs” didn’t disappoint.

I would come to find out a few days later that the video was highly influenced by a clip entitled “Sports” from the Adult Swim show Tim & Eric, and thankfully, the Spurs video gives props to the originators of the 80s-tastic concept in the credits.  Not only is the Spurs video hilarious, it further disproves the mainstream media’s on-going storyline that the Spurs are boring.  While other big names will put on a fake mustache or wear a jumpsuit for a million-dollar sponsorship, the Spurs are content with make a silly video that will not provide them any financial gain, only lots of laughs.

Guys in the video like Aaron “Head Banger” Baynes and Matt “Bonner Jovi” Bonner may not be marquee players, but Kawhi “I fought the Claw and the Claw won” Leonard is a legitimate MVP candidate this season. The fact that he’d agree to do this video shows that he’s another selfless star in a long-line of Spurs players that have personified humility.

With the NBA playoffs starting this weekend, I thought I’d share these gems with you, and hopefully help you figure out who you should be rooting for. Just think – every time the Spurs score, you can hum the catchy synth melody from the video and yell “Spurs!”

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