Flaming Lips Perform Eight David Bowie Classics

On Monday night, Lady Gaga took to the Grammy stage and performed a series of David Bowie songs. She put her best effort forward, but the performance as a whole felt discombobulated due to whirlwind medley and Gaga’s distracting theatrics. I don’t necessarily blame Gaga for this disappointing display; the Grammys have always tried to squeeze as many performances into the music industrie’s night of self congratulations, but it might have been wiser to have simply performed one or two classics and given them the time and focus they deserve.

A much more fitting tribute was performed last week by the Flaming Lips at Bellyup Aspen. Instead of performing a quick, encore cover, the band dedicated the majority of their set the the legendary artist. It’s clear from the video captured of the performance that Wayne and the gang were raised in the school of Bowie. Set aside 50-minutes of your night and enjoy this brilliant tribute to the Thin White Duke (although I must admit that it’s annoying how the person filming the performance keeps the camera on Coyne for the most part).

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