Year of the Bowie: Episode #1


This week of new endeavors at BDWPS continues with the new episodic podcast series “Year of the Bowie”. For those that have listened to the BDWPS Podcast in the past year, you’ve heard me tell the story of Bob Dylan, month by month, at the end of each episode. My first intention was to do the same thing this year with the life story of David Bowie, but the more I thought about it, the five minutes of rambling at the end of each show just wouldn’t do justice to Bowie’s story.

I’ve wrestled with how to deal with this idea, and finally had an epiphany about a month ago while listening to an episode of the podcast “Serial”. I enjoy the episodic format of “Serial” and how each season has an endpoint. I also appreciate how Sarah Koenig uses music and interviews to heighten her storytelling. With this in mind, I began the process of researching and gathering media several weeks ago. I posted the first episode last night and would love for you to give it a listen. It’s a very different beast than the BDWPS Podcast, so you may at first be a bit surprised by the polish and purpose behind the presentation (BDWPS is often me rambling off the cuff).

The “Year of the Bowie” podcast is available on a separate feed from the BDWPS Podcast (to save memory space) and can be found HERE. If you enjoy the episode, I would love for you to subscribe on iTunes, Podomatic, or Stitcher (search: Year of the Bowie). Let me know what you think of the first episode. I’m excited about this new venture and hope you come along for the ride.

Listen to Episode #1 of “Year of the Bowie”

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