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Deakin, “Sleep Cycle”


Sleep Cycle

[My Animal House; 2016]

Rating: 9

Animal Collective’s 2016 release Painting With feels a bit like a final effort for the band. It’s a palatable album but lacks the spirit of adventure found in early AC works. After a 16-year span where they’ve released 11 albums, you can’t blame the boys for going through the motions at this point. It’s not that they’ve lost their muse – Panda Bear continues to create his melodic atmospheres on critically acclaimed solo albums, and Avey Tare’s boundary pushing solo work has reached incomprehensible levels (in a good way). Much like The Beatle’s near the end of their run, AC seem more comfortable and willing to take risks as solo artists. In 2016, the underappreciated and mysterious Deakin has emerged as AC’s biggest secret with his first solo album, Sleep Cycle. Continue reading

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Year of the Bowie: Episode #2


In the second episode of “The Year of the Bowie”, we take a look at Bowie’s struggle to find his own unique voice as a solo artist. You can check it out HERE, or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher (search: Year of the Bowie).  If you enjoy the episode, “like” the video and give us a positive rating.


Below you’ll find some of the videos discussed in the episode. 

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PJ Harvey “The Hope Six Demolition Project”

PJ Harvey

The Hope Six Demolition Project

[Island; 2016]

Rating: 9

For her latest project, PJ Harvey took a voyeuristic approach to the recording process by allowing the public to witness the band in the studio through one-way glass. On face value, this seems a bit gimmicky, but it’s a pretty fitting reflection on PJ’s songwriting for The Hope Six Demolition Project. For the concept album, she was an observer herself, taking on the role of a reporter, viewing the impact of American capitalism on the world.

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BDWPS Podcast: Episode 46 (Cinco De Metal)

In this year’s episode of “Cinco De Metal” we check out some of the best metal releases in the past five months. You’ll hear new music from Baroness, Cobalt, Oranssi Pazuzu, Aluk Todolo, Black Tusk, and Deftones. We also take a look at the Lemmy Kilmister documentary, “Lemmy”.

Check out the episode HERE or better yet, go subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay (search key word: BDWPS).

Track List:

Baroness “Chlorine & Wine”
Cobalt “Beast Whip”
Oranssi Pazuzu “Saturaatio”
Aluk Todolo “III”
Black Tusk “Gods On Vacation”
Deftones “Hearts – Wires”
Hawkwind “Down through the Night”
Bob Dylan “Girl From the North Country”

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