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While doing research for the “Year of the Bowie” podcast (which you should be listening to and if you aren’t, you’re missing out!), I discovered this little animated clip that imagines what the Berlin recording sessions might¬†have been like for David Bowie, Brian Eno, and Tony Visconti. I’ve watched the video several times and can’t get enough of it, whether it be Visconti’s insistence that he was a major part of the album Low, Eno’s strange approach to sound, or Bowie’s slapdash approach to the creative process.

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Year of the Bowie: Episode 6

In this episode of Year of the Bowie, we travel further down the wormhole of fear and despair David found himself trapped in upon his return to Los Angeles. We also take a look at his budding film career, and his reinvention during the recordings of “The Idiot” with Iggy Pop and “Low” with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti.

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BDWPS Podcast: EPISODE 50!

In the the latest episode of BDWPS Podcast we celebrate the milestone of 50 episodes that we have reached this month. We check out new tracks from Metronomy, Cheena, Wymond Miles, Dinosaur Jr, The Descendents, and Moonface. I also discuss the 20th anniversary of the first album from my high school band, Genera, and I discuss the Joy Division documentary. To close, we take a closer look at Bob Dylan’s Civil Right’s anthem, “Oxford Town”. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (search: BDWPS).

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Metronomy “Miami Logic”
Cheena “Cry For Help”
Wymond Miles “Rear View Mirror”
Dinosaur Jr. “Tiny”
The Descendents “Without Love”
Genera “Proud”
Moonface “The Nightclub Artiste”
Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
Bob Dylan “Oxford Town”

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Mitski “Puberty 2”


Puberty 2

[Dead Ocean; 2016]

Rating: 9

When we finally reach adulthood, all of the pains of puberty are supposedly left behind for a more measured and mature livelihood. We all know this myth is far from true. In fact, often those feelings of insecurity and fear are heightened with age, all of us bumbling around like big dumb teenagers trying to find our way in the uncertain future. Mitski explores this perpetual adolescence on Puberty 2, an album that exposes the endless battle to find happiness in the mundanity of adult life.

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