BDWPS Podcast: Episode 51

In this episode of BDWPS Podcast we check out some of the best metal albums to come out in 2016, including Russian Circles, Kvelertak, Pallbearer, Cough, and Subrosa. We also take a look at the documentary “I Am Thor” and listen to another track from Bob Dylan’s “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”.

Check it out HERE or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher (search: BDWPS).

Russian Circles “Mota”
Kvelertak “1985”
Pallbearer “Over & Over”
Cough “Haunter of the Dark”
Subrosa “Trouble Cells”
Thor “Lightning Strikes Again”
Bob Dylan “Talkin’ WWIII Blues”

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One response to “BDWPS Podcast: Episode 51

  1. Mike D.

    Just listened to the podcast. I’ve only really listened to your metal ones and I like them. I’m also one of those guys who likes other genres but have a soft spot for metal that other people just don’t get.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know the the second two tracks on the Pallbearer EP are covers. The song you played is from Dio-era Sabbath, and so your comment about it sounding like an Ozzy ballad wasn’t too far off.

    Anyway I’ll check out some other episodes of your podcast.

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