Worst Album Covers of 2017

In a year of an endless stream of shocking and frustrating news, its nice to take a moment to appreciate the simpler things in life – like horrible album covers! Take your mind off the horror show in Washington D.C. and look over this year’s list of the worst album covers of 2017.

20. John Mayer

The Search for Everything

I’ve heard girls call John Mayer dreamy, but this album cover is more dramamine-y.

19. Kelly Clarkson

Meaning of Life

This album should have been called “concussion protocol.”

18. Dent May

Across the Multiverse

The little known James Bond villain, Silver Eye.

17. Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill

The Rest of Our Life

None of their friends could build up the courage to tell Tim and Faith that they were doing the “69” wrong.

16. Katy Perry

Bone Petit

Quite possibly the most talentless fruit platter you’ll ever see.

15. The Grascals

Before Breakfast

This album cover reminds me of one of the many CNN panels with small town Trump voters, the fake smiles and folksy demeanor masking their deep-seated racism (spoiler: they still support him).

14. Bjork


What I imagine eventually happens if you don’t clean the crust from your eyes.

13. Maroon 5

Red Pill Blues

Question: What’s more annoying than the music of Maroon 5? Answer: Snapchat filters.

12. Lindstrøm

It’s Alright Between Us

Lindstrøm couldn’t figure out why he always lost at hide-and-seek.

11. Conway

Rejected on Steroids

His favorite weightlifting routine was the clown-and-jerk.

10. Shamir


When you have no eyes or mouth but still think a nose ring would really tie your look together.

9. Gal Costa


Just a reminder that India is home to a wide variety of camels.

8. Quiet Riot

Road Rage

As horrible as this album art looks, I have to admit that I’d probably get a mask for my car if they made them.

7. Katy Perry


Feast your eyes upon this trainwreck. It take a special kind of horrible to make this year-end list twice in one year, but Katy Perry is up to the challenge.

6. Emily Saliers

Murmuration Nation

That look you give when a bird is about to shit on you.

5. Wally Tusk and the Film Club

The Greatest Depression

For the photoshoot, Wally decided to put his guitar in drop D tuning.

4. Owl City


This album cover would be passable if it was for a high school garage band and created by a neighbor who just learned how to use Photoshop, but no. This is a cover for a Grammy award winning band and the artwork is done by Jerry Vanderstelt, the respected artist who has created movie posters for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones. Just imagine the amount of money that went into this shit show?

3. The Darkness

Pinewood Smile

You’ve got a little one-hit-wonder in your teeth.

2. Prairie Cat


An early look at James Cameron’s Avatar 2: Feeling Feline.

1.Kiran Calinan


Nothing encapsulates 2017 better than resident asshole Kiran Callinan pissing in his own face. Here’s to 2018 being the year of the pee pee tape!


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3 responses to “Worst Album Covers of 2017

  1. Just wanted to say Gal Costa’s “Índia” is from 1973, otherwise you’re fine 😀

  2. orijinalchris

    I agree, they are all pretty bad… except for the Dent May one, I really like that one! It’s like a homage to the kind of science fiction paperback covers I really liked in the 70’s (:

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