Year of the Neil: Episode #12

In the final episode of “Year of the Neil”, we take a look at Young’s political activism and his technological innovations. We also take a tour through the plethora of material released by the tenacious songwriter over the past 20 years (subscribe!): CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!


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2 responses to “Year of the Neil: Episode #12

  1. I have listened to all of these podcasts as well as Year of the Bowie and am so impressed by the quality and entertainment standards of all episodes. I would also encourage people to listen in to the BDWPS podcasts as the musical selection opens me to new music that I wouldn’t necessarily find here in London. Thanks Andy – keep up the good work! Richard , London

  2. I really enjoyed the “Year of the Neil” series and learned a lot even though I consider myself a lifelong fan. I am just starting the “Year of the Bowie” series and am looking forward to it. Thanks for putting those out there! You did an excellent job and I really appreciate the amount of time and effort that it must have taken.

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