Year of the Stevie: Episode #5


In the fifth episode of “Year of the Stevie”, we take a look at Stevie’s departure from Motown, his self-funded album recorded album, and his tour with the Rolling Stones in 1972. You can hear it HERE, or better yet, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

This is the massive synthesizer created by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band: 


Here is a clip from his tour with The Rolling Stones: 

INTERVIEWS (Can be found on YouTube)

An Interview with Stevie Wonder ( part 3 of 6 )

Old Grey Whistle Test interview with Stevie Wonder 1972

PBS Interview with Stevie Wonder

Mick Jagger on Drugs – Interview with Larry King

Stevie Wonder “I Am Mick Jagger” Interview with Larry King


Hitsville: The Making of Motown

Stevie’s Wonder Men

Standing In the Shadows of Motown

Stevie Wonder:

“Do Yourself a Favor”

“If You Really Love Me”

“Keep On Runnin”

“Look Around”

“Love Having You Around”

“Maybe Your Baby”



Marvin Gaye “What’s Goin On?”

Sly and the Family Stone “Don’t Call Me N*gger, Whitey'”

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band “Cybernaut”


Motown: The Sound of Young America by Adam White

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Soulful Journey of Stevie Wonder by Mark Ribowsky

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