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Top 20 Songs of 2012


I told myself all year that I wouldn’t create a “Top Songs” list for 2012.  In years past, I’ve invested massive amounts of time to create what had over the years turned into a list of the Top 100 (!) songs, a list that pretty much no one every read or cared about (here’s last year’s list!). I decided this year that my time was better spent focusing solely on my albums list.  Then again, as the month of January has crept forward, I kept getting the itchy typing finger to still throw a list of songs together. I’m not quite sure why I ever made a song list considering I’ve always been an “album” kind of guy.  Then again, there are always those tracks that stand out and get revisited when I’m not listening to an album in its entirety. Most commonly my favorite songs from the year are found  on mediocre albums that I’m not interested in revisiting in their entirety, but you will also find familiar tracks that can be found on my definitive “Top 40 Albums of 2012” list. What you read below is far from definitive. Simply put – it’s a collection of songs that you may enjoy as sweet little morsels of dessert to follow my 40-course meal of albums.

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BDWPS Podcast #4

In the latest Podcast I go through some 2012 albums that won’t be seen in my mid-year best of list, but I felt I still wanted to share with the listeners. On this episode you’ll hear Guided By Voices, Tanlines, Alex Winston, Chromatics, El-P, The Cribs, and of course, Bob Dylan.

Check it out here or look up “BDWPS” on iTunes:  http://bdwps.podomatic.com/entry/2012-06-04T16_32_07-07_00

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