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Bowie: Bigger Than The Twitterverse

It goes without saying that I’m saddened by David Bowie’s passing, but I’m not going to spend much time waxing poetic about what an impact he had on my life. In fact, I’m going to be honest and admit that I didn’t truly delve into Bowie’s catalog until around five years ago. I was born in 1978, around the time that Bowie was releasing his” Berlin” albums, so beyond his 1983 hit  “Let’s Dance” and the sounds of his classics on the radio throughout my childhood, I can’t truly say his music shaped my youth. I do vividly remember seeing Labyrinth in my hometown theater with my brothers, which is a bit surprising since I would have only been seven years old (I’m guessing that I still remember this nugget due simply to how shocking the imagery of the film must have been at that age).

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BDWPS Podcast: Episode #23

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In this episode we jump full speed into the best albums to come out already in 2014. Discussions include a history of Mali band Tinariwen and their inspiring back story, a look back at my discovery of Slough Feg at South By Southwest years ago, and an appreciation of the documentary “A Band Called Death.”As with all episodes we pay tribute to Bob Dylan, this time looking at his tumultuous days back in Hibbing, Minnesota.

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Track List:

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Lariat” 
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra “Take Away these Early Grave Blues” 
Tinariwen “Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim” 
Self Defense Family “Nail House Music” 
Roc Marciano (ft. Ka & Guilty Simpson) “Squeeze” 
Slough Feg “Laser Enforcer” 
Death “Let the World Turn” 
Bob Dylan “North Country Blues”

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