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Best Album Covers of 2017


With the year coming to a close, it’s that time again to take a look back at some of the best that the music world had to offer in 2017. First up on the “Best of” docket is my annual “Best Album Covers” list. Throughout the year, I kept a list of album covers that I found strange, beautiful, and provocative. This list is a compilation of my favorites from this yearlong collection. Anyone who loves the album as an art form knows the importance of a powerful LP image, and the following 20 covers elevate their corresponding albums.

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Zammuto “Zammuto”



[Temporary Residence; 2012]

Rating: 9

Technology can give people false encouragement.  Whether it be the Xbox Kinect giving kids (and adults) everywhere the belief that they can actually dance or Instagram inspiring users to seek out their inner Ansel Adams. The same can be said about the world of music. With a couple simple, user-friendly Apps and editing programs, anyone can now claim to be DJ. A recent episode of “Portlandia” captured it best in a skit where everyone is spinning – the bank teller, the garbage man, and even your mom.

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