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Video Clip of the Week: Monster Parties- Fact or Fiction?

Happy Halloween from BDWPS.com.  In the spirit of the season, I decided to post this classic clip from “Mr. Show” where the boys use the format of a “Fact or Fiction” TV show to explore the world of the Monster Party song.  Could “Monster Mash” have been based on a real party of monsters?

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Video Clip of the Week: Beyond Belief- Fact or Fiction

My roommate and I have gotten into the habit of getting drunk and watching episodes of the old 90s sci-fi show “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”, and when I saw this specific episode entitled “Rock & Roll Ears”, I knew I had to post it on BDWPS.  Unfortunately, the folks who own the rights to the show have made it clear that they don’t want their product featured on YouTube, deleting videos the day they’re posted. In a last-ditch effort to get this classic episode online, I filmed it with my Flip-Cam and uploaded it, failing to mention “Beyond Belief” within its tag or description.

The clip’s nine minute run time may seem a bit long, but I guarantee if you watch the clip from start to finish that you will be glad you did. The humor on this has so many layers, whether it be Jonathan Frakes miserable guitar playing and shit-eating grin, the horrific acting, particularly his stoner friend Thrax, or the absurdity of the entire story.  The funniest moment actually comes at the 8:55 moment, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I apologize for the shitty bootleg quality, but even with all its echo-y sound and glare, it’s worth every minute. And remember, “If it ain’t loud, it ain’t rock n’ roll old man!”


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