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BDWPS Podcast #29

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In this episode we take a look at some of the best metal albums to come out in the past few months. You’ll hear new tracks from Mastodon, Pallbearer, Yob, Soft Pink Truth, and Eyehategod. I also discuss the documentary “Last Days Here” and check out classic songs from Pentagram and Judas Priest. Check it out HERE or subscribe on iTunes (search: BDWPS).

Track List:

Mastodon “Ember City”
Pallbearer “Foundations of Burden”
Pentagram “Walk in the Blue Light”
Yob “Nothing to Win”
Soft Pink Truth “Black Metal”
Eyehategod “Worthless Rescue”
Judas Priest “Diamonds and Rust”

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Learning to Adapt

This summer, during a stop over in Omaha, Nebraska, my friend Paul offered me three moving boxes worth of vinyl, free of charge. I’m not sure what prompted such a generous offering, but before he could change his mind I was on my knees, fingering my way through the boxes, picking out the choicest bits. In that one moment, my vinyl collection tripled in size. As you can imagine, I was in heaven.

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