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LeBron James Mercer

On Thursday night, LeBron James pushed aside all his doubters, finally winning a championship, legitimizing his three-time MVP status.  I was one of these dissenters, disliking the way he left Cleveland and his cowardly decision to rely on other stars to reach his goal.  But in that moment after winnng the title, as he spoke of having to hit rock bottom and face his mistakes, I actually felt my dislike for the guy slowly fade. Yes, he made some horrible choices over the past few years, but did he deserve all the nationwide disdain? Maybe, maybe not, but his villain role certainly got overblown (Kobe will always be the true evil of the NBA).  The media tends to dwell on disloyalty and selfishness in sports, but I feel the same can’t be said for the music media.  That is why I would like to spotlight a story that has been swept under the rug, and draw comparisons as to why I think James Mercer is the LeBron James of indie rock.

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Video Clip of the Week: Cleveland Tourism

I used to laugh at this song. Now it just makes me sad.

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