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Lee Ranaldo “Between the Times and the Tides”

Lee Ranaldo

“Between the Times and the Tides”

[Matador; 2012]

Rating: 8

I thought I had Sonic Youth pegged. Thurston Moore is the melody maker, Kim Gordon brings a seedy punk-rock edge, and Lee Ranaldo produces the experimental explorations. Their powers combined result in the band’s distinctive sound. But on Ranaldo’s latest solo album, “Between the Times and Tides,” he has me rethinking everything. Not only is it not experimental, it is closer to traditional pop music than anything found within Sonic Youth’s 25 year catalog of music (yes, twenty-five years!).

Ranaldo’s past solo albums primarily consisted of soft, acoustic driven experiments.  This time around, Ranaldo uses his Jazzmaster to help escape the uncertainty surrounding Sonic Youth with the recent divorce of Moore and Gordon. And where does he escape to? The sounds of his youth.

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