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Video Clip of the Week: Lightning Bolt in Iowa City

I have to admit, this is probably the strangest clip ever posted on BDWPS. Back in July I road tripped to Iowa City to see Lightning Bolt play at Gabe’s.  The show took place in the upstairs loft area where there didn’t seem to be any air conditioning and an ample supply of sweaty pot heads.

During the sticky set, I attempted to pull out my Flip-Cam to try and capture the madness that is a Lightning Bolt show, but within seconds I put it away when a vision flashed through my head of the camera flying out of my hand and down into the abyss of stomping feet. What I didn’t realize is that I never turned off the record button. Not until I got back to the hotel 26 minutes later did I realize the camera had been on the entire time: the last two songs of the set, the walk to the car, the drive home, and the arrival to my room.

To avoid boring you and due to YouTube’s 10 minute limit, I cut the clip down.  There are no visuals here (other than the last two seconds when I pull out the cam and realize it has been on), just the sound of the band and the sounds of me entertaining myself on the drive home, whistling a Lightning Bolt song the entire way.  I know this clip may seem pointless and inane, but I think there is something intriguing and voyeuristic about the whole muffled affair.  Plus, I think it captures the mayhem of a Lightning Bolt show and is evidence of the adrenaline, the seclusion, and the exhaustion I felt afterwards.

For an actual “good” clip of the show, here’s one I found online (I’m the bald shiny head right in front of the stage):

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