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BDWPS Podcast #32

2011-12-11__podcast-copy copy In this episode we take a look back at the year 1972 and some of the best music to come out. We take a look at the singer-songwriter craze, the evolution of glam rock, and some of the hidden gems from the ’72. You can listen to it HERE or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (search: BDWPS).

Playlist: Randy Newman “Political Science”

Stevie Wonder “Maybe Your Baby”

David Bowie “Starman”

Lou Reed “Satellite of Love”

Curtis Mayfield “Pusherman”

Big Star “The Ballad of El Goodo”

Night Sun “Livin’ with the Dying”

The Band (featuring Bob Dylan) “Like a Rolling Stone”


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Bob Dylan- Always the Innovator

50 years ago, Bob Dylan started a recording career that would revolutionize music forever. To commemorate his evolution over the span of 43 albums, Sony Records has released the entirety of his music library in a $180 box set, The Complete Album Collection: V.1.  The inclusion of V.1 in the title seems a bit-tongue in cheek with Dylan now 72 years old, but it may be sincere considering how good ol’ Bob is still touring endlessly and churning out new material about every three years. It may not be to the level of say a Highway 61 Revisited, but to suggest Dylan is a waning enterprise would be premature. In fact, two of Dylan’s recent ventures show that he is still an innovator in the world of music.

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