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Top 100 Albums of 2000 (Honorable Mention)

The top 100 albums of 2000?  100 albums in one year?  Overkill?  Overload?  Maybe.  But one thing out to be apparent after this list: at BDWPS we fucken love music.  And if you love music as well, you better (re)acquaint yourself with the year 2000, cos it was one of the all time best years for music.  We may not agree on which position all the albums should be ranked, but on that we can agree.  All in all it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Honorable mentions up first this week, then the list begins.  This list will be the debut of many of us on this site, including mine, and we all are excited for BDWPS’s future.  Actual rankings were all compiled by me, Songssuck, authors of the reviews’ names appear immediately after reviews.  An asterisk after an album title signifies Android50 being down with that album, you know how much he loves lists already and he wanted to make sure everyone knew which ones from this one he thought were deserving. – Songssuck

Many of my albums from the year 2000 were found by my mother and thrown in the dumpster without my knowledge.  It is something I will never forget and I think in some perverse way it cemented my love for music.  It made it harder to contribute what albums should be on the list, but also forced me to revisit many of these albums I had not heard in years.  I also discovered some new ones after our discussions.  I was not expecting to enjoy some of them so much, I was literally blown away by some.  I agree with Songssuck, 2000 was an abnormally great year for music. – Pthestudp

2000 was the year I met Android50 and Songssuck.  The year I discovered Elliot Smith, Modest Mouse, Electric Wizard, Sleater-Kinney, Yo La Tengo and the year I really became obsessed with music.  This list brings with it a lot of memories, some good, some bad but it is appropriate we are starting with 2000, cuz it was the year it all started for me. – Kid Kilowatt

Honorable Mentions

Tulus – Cold Core Collection

An honorable mention, not because it doesn’t deserve higher, but because it actually compiles their first two albums, Pure Black Energy (‘96) and Mysterion (‘98) as well as a disc of rarities, demos, covers and unreleased tracks (I guess I could have ranked just the second disc, which among other things, has a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”). Grim and insectoid buzzing black metal, that somehow pulls off being really catchy but fucked & demented.  Really bizarre, contains some stretches of what I would call post rock and maybe even more bizarrely a lot of songs feature a girly angel falsettoey background singer.  Pictures of these guys show a white pigtail wigged George Washington looking dude and an old intense wizard looking dude.  Weird but oh so right on.  All of these guys pull double duty in Khold, who you will hear about on later lists.  This would be way up there if I felt it was fair.  (Pthestudp told me he was listening to Tulus the night he was driving to his parent’s house and was trying to kill the mice scampering around his car with a baseball bat). – Songssuck

At The Drive-In – Relationship of Command *

When Songssuck asked me to do a few reviews on his top albums of 2000, he informed me that At The Drive In’s Relationships of Command would probably be in his honorable mention section simply because he listened to it too much back when it came out.  This logic doesn’t make sense to me.  Yes, I understand the idea of overkill with an album, but to demote it on your best of 2000 list is just silly. Not only should Relationship of Command make the top 100, it should be placed in the top 10, if not at the number one slot.  ROC shows At the Drive-In at their pinnacle, with the Beastie Boy’s Grand Royal taking the raw sound and polishing it up a bit. The result is a vicious onslaught of teenage angst and angular, thrashing riffs that seem to come at you at an unrelenting pace. Maybe Songssuck is just a pussy and can’t take ATD’s audio beatings any longer. – Android50

Modest Mouse – Building Nothing Out of Something*

Another overplayed album.  I must have listened to this AT LEAST once a week for a year.  I honestly cannot subjectively rank this thing.  A compilation of singles and rarities, every song is a classic.  Essential, but alas, the second album to deserve a top 10 finish but just an honorable mention on this list. – Songssuck

Below are two albums Pthestudp insisted I check out for the list.  I couldn’t find them to download and Pthestudp no longer owned them, but was adamant I mention them. – Songssuck

Summer Hymns – Voice Brother and Sister

A music raid casualty.  I remember it being Elephant 6ish (Elf Power, Olivia Tremor Control) with some good psych-pop tunes.  Maybe someday it will be a lost classic people will pay hundreds for and mine is in a landfill somewhere. – Pthestudp

Jayhawks – Smile

I remember thinking this was the Jayhawks’ pop album.  Good songs, but I don’t go to the Jayhawks for pop songs.  Plus by this time both Karen Grotberg and Mark Olson had both left the band, each taking some of the Jayhawk magic with them. – Pthestudp

Will Oldham – Guarapero: Lost Blues 2

A rarities collection.  If you know Will and need more, go ahead, although towards the nonessential end of the spectrum as to what you actually need of his.  If you are not familiar, write to Android50 or Pthestudp to see which Bonnie or Palace one should get first. – Suzy Creamcheese

Q and Not U – No Kill No Beep Beep

I got into this album cos it came out on Dischord.  Which is a good thing, cos that is what it sounds like, a 00’s Dischord album.  A promising debut. – Ho Chi Unser Jr.

Reggie & the Full Effect – Promotional Copy

Dude from Coalesce, James Dewees, creates some organ driven EMO.  Some serious organs, some serious EMO.  I think after Coalesce broke up James joined the Get Up Kids, who I also believe played on this album.  That’s the way I remember it going down, and I looked in the liner notes of the latest Coalesce and James isn’t listed, so maybe he is still in Get Up Kids?  Or maybe they didn’t take the emo kid back, but there are some songs on here that shun the organ and sound a bit like Coalesce.  You’ll probably think this album is gay, unless you like those crappy punky emo bands, which even I’ll have to admit this would have to be categorized as one of.  But once that organ sets a groove I almost wish all of the harder Coalesce sounding songs would stop ruining the emo flow, but then sometimes he mixes Coalesce with emo and I am like, “Fuck Yah.”  Also some really annoying skit type things, rap style, and some even more annoying, pointless prank songs (except the last song which is supposed to be a Finnish band singing about dwarves invading and sounds like a mix between Turbonegro and some fucked up black metal band.  Best song on album).    So there you have it, the good and the bad. – Kid Kilowatt

Spoon – Love Ways EP

A 15-minute, 5 song EP.  If you like Spoon and want (or need) more, grab it.  If not, start with Girls Can Tell or Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which you should do fucken immediately.  Actually recorded after 2001’s Girls Can Tell, but do to the unceremonious buttfucking they received from Elektra Records and their subsequent labelless years it came out a year earlier. – Pthestudp

Sea & Cake – Oui

Sometimes on the weekends I fly down to Argentina and stay in a little beachside apartment.  Only sometimes. – Dr. Anonymous

Old Time Relijun – La Sirena de Pecera

About 30 minutes long, with probably about 10 of which could be skipped, but the rest hints of the greatness to come. – Dr. Anonymous

Ween – White Pepper

One side of the album’s inside is white, the other covered in psychedelic peppers.  Oh, Ween, leave it to you to make a joke of two Beatles albums.  Unfortunately, the album doesn’t quite live up to expectations created by naming your album after the White Album and Sgt. Peppers.  Nor is it as good as their 90’s output.  But if you have those and want more, dig in; because I find it an underrated album in the Ween canon.  Plus the song “Bananas and Blow” is not only a great one, it seems to be making fun of Jimmy Buffet.  And god knows I could always use more of that. – Kid Kilowatt

Sunny Day Real Estate – Rising Tide*

Rising Tide is not your daddy’s Sunny Day Real Estate album.  While their work of the 90s always had a tinge of emo-grunge, Rising Tide shows the band raising their music to a new level of professionalism. The songs are epic, grand, and galaxies away from their more personal albums of the 90s, yet somehow, this over-the-top version of SDRE cuts to the heart like a knife through warm butter. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for the synth. – Android50

Calexico – Hot Rail

Calexico’s worst album.  But it is Calexico, and that means it is better than 90% of everything else.  Plus there are some really great songs here, but start elsewhere. – Songssuck

Lucifer Was – In Anadi’s Bower

Lucifer Was is a crazy Norwegian band that for most purposes broke up in 1976.  They reformed in 1996 with their original line up and have since recorded 4 albums.  In Anadi’s Bower was the first to feature the 2nd proggiest instrument in the world, the mellotron (of which they have two).  Take that prog haters!  (Now, you might be asking, “What’s the proggiest instrument in the land?”  The flute, duh.  Oh, and by the way, they have lots of that as well).  You already know if old Norwegian dudes playing metallic prog (on their website they describe themselves as “a mix of Black Sabbath and early East Of Eden, with a dash of Jethro Tull”) is your cup of tea and I raise my cup to every old dude who wants to pick up a guitar/flute again and rock out just one more fucken time. – Pthestudp

Thuja – The Deer Lay Down Their Bones

Loren Chasse, Rob Reger, Glenn Donaldson, and Stephen R. Smith improvise and meander their way through 12 forests (songs). – Willie Rambo Strider

Orange Goblin – The Big Black

The band’s name is Orange Goblin, the album is The Big Black and Rise Above Records released it.  The band covers a Black Sabbath song.  The album cover is a naked alien lady riding a motorcycle through space.  In the liner notes the band thanks: Heroin Skateboards, classic rock, and every liquor store and bar in the world and a (shortened by me) list of bands they enjoy: Cathedral, Goatsnake, Sloth, Spirit Caravan, Monster Magnet, sHeavy, Electric Wizard, Church of Misery, Entombed Alabama Thunderpussy, Bongzilla, Queens of the Stoneage, and Acrimony.  One doesn’t even need to hear the music to know what it will sound like.  – Ho Chi Unser Jr.

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SXSW 2007

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re too old to go to South by Southwest.  People back home in Midland think we are crazy because we once drove 400 miles to see Rod Stewart, but we absolutely adore his music.  If it’s something you love, don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying it.”

old lady at hotel in Waco talking to us over a continental breakfast of Fruity Pebbles

Using the same categories as last year and a few new ones, my best of SXSW list triumphantly returns! I also got all high tech and fancy, allowing you to click on the artists’ names to check out their music while reading this drivel.


Times New Viking

When I heard TNV’s CD I enjoyed the charming, low-fi pop punk sound but it didn’t go further beyond that.  This opinion changed once setting foot in the Exodus last Friday night, as the trio unrelentingly pounded their way through two minute songs as chaos broke out in the audience.  Before I knew it, Paul and I were amidst the insanity, bouncing through the throng of fans as the band passionately performed.  It may have been the day long free beer binge, or the free energy drink chugged down only an hour earlier, but Times New Viking brought the best out the both of us.  Amy Phillips, a blogger at Pitchforkmedia.com, even mentioned us dozen or so fans at the front of the stage saying: “Ohio’s Times New Viking recently signed to Matador, but they already have a committed fan base. There was quite a bit of slam-dancing and general hysteria in the first few rows of the crowd as the trio slammed out high-energy, melodic noise-punk, and keyboardist Beth Murphy pumping her fist in the air and showing off her luxurious armpit hair. By the time their Matador debut is out, that excitement will probably have spread far enough to fill up a room.” She even included this picture, that features Paul and I with our mouths gaping in excitement:

I understand the lo-fi recording style gives an album an authentic, recorded in a garage sound, but when your band sounds this much better live, aren’t you doing your music fans outside of Ohio a disservice?  Hopefully Matador can clean these kids up (they can shave her pits while they’re at it) and send them out to take over the world.



I wanted to like this band; I really did.  I talked to one of them while waiting for the restroom and he told me about how they moved from Venezuela to New York in hopes of making it big.  He told me all about them recently making connections, and when asked what they sounded like by another guy in line he responded, “It’s hard to describe, you’ll have to see it for yourself.” He was a friendly guy and peaked my interest with his band description.

As the band set up I became even more excited when Paul pointed out a cute blond girl with a keytar strapped around her neck.  A Venezuelan band with a keytar player: could they NOT be good?

Well, the answer is yes.  They were miserable. So bad that we had to leave due to Paul’s inability to stop laughing.  Think early 90s dance music minus any semblance of melody.  Poor kids.


Bill Callahan

As Saturday unfolded, I slowly became more and more sick with a chest cold. By six o’clock I was not in the mood to see anymore bands and took a nap in the car while Paul went off to see the Kill Rock Stars showcase.  Two hours later I awoke, slightly refreshed, and ventured back out onto the streets ofAustin alone.  A few blocks up the street I came upon a Presbyterian church where Smog front man Bill Callaghan was performing a solo gig.  As I entered the church he was just beginning his first song, with a violinist at his side and Joanna Newsome tucked behind the piano (you know I love!).  Since the church was completely filled, I squeezed into a space in the back pew and soon found myself absorbed by Bill’s croaking, baritone voice and vibrant guitar.  I’m not a big fan of the whole church thing, but this venue provided the most ambient, soothing sound of the week.  The guy next to me soon entered into some type of Zen like state, several people sped out during songs with their faces drench in tears, and a few left their pews and sat in the aisle up front.  I sat cursing the fact that Paul was missing possibly the best show of the week, when lo and behold, St. Paul appeared in the doorway.  Once the song was finished he motioned that he was going up front and I followed him as we sat at the feet of Bill like little Sunday School kids waiting for the weekly children’s message.  He even played “Cold Blooded Old Times”, a shared favorite by Paul and me.



This douche isn’t really worth discussing.  He pushed play on his computer and proceeded dancing around a la Napoleon Dynamite while singing karaoke style.  At first it was funny in a “He’s making an ass of himself” kind of way, but when the dancing act continued throughout the remainder of the show I had to side with Paul that he was just plain miserable.


Old Time Relijun

Paul played me their CD on the long drive south, and I enjoyed what I heard.  It was bluesy, howling, folk rock with a twang.  I agreed to go see them with Paul thinking of it as a nice littler filler before going to the big shows in the night ahead.  I completely underestimated what I was about to see, with the raucous band bounding about the stage fervently as singer Arrington de Dionyso  spit out lyrics in a voice resembling David Byrne.  Imagine a southern gospel blues band being possessed by demons hopped up on crack and Pop Rocks: it’s that good.


Marisa Nadler

Paul has recently been on a metal binge, gobbling up any new metal bands he can find.  I, not being so much the metal fan, found myself sitting at several less than stellar shows (Oxbow just scared me). One of said shows contained Zoroaster and Boris.  Sandwiched between these two acts was Marissa Nadler, a Massachusetts folk artist preoccupied with death.  Her voice matched her ghost-like appearance, performing like a spirit in an Edgar Allan Poe poem.  While Paul roamed to the other stage inside to see more metal, I sat cross-legged amidst drunken metal heads and listened to her tales of gloom.



I’ve been hearing about this band for a while now from several people but had yet to actually hear them.  Some say they are Japanese Metal, others Japanese Psychedelic Rock, while even others will claim they are a Japanese Jam Band.  I guess one thing they all agree on is that they are Japanese. Whatever the case, I anticipated what was about to be seen on stage as they set up a giant gong.  Once the waif of a guitar player, who Paul claimed was amazing, took the stage, Boris commenced playing a 45 minute set.  Within this set they played one song…one 45 minute song.  It was neither metal, nor psychedelic, nor even jam band for that matter: Boris was just boring.


The Walkmen

I’ve been digging on the new Walkmen album big time over the past few weeks but feared what they may sound like live.  On their albums singer Hamilton Leithauser’s voice sounds like a hybrid of Bob Dylan and Roger Daltry, a perfect combination.  I didn’t know how this would translate on the stage, but I soon found I was foolish for being a doubter.  He sounded BETTER than he does on album.  He’s also a true rockstar, spending a night in jail during the week at SXSW this year.



It has become a yearly tradition for us to see Frog Eyes perform at SXSW.  With only a day left of shows, we decided to try making it to Poke-E-Jo’s in time to catch our beloved Frog Eyes.

The paper said it was on 5th street, which meant it wasn’t very far away from 6th streeet, at least in our eyes.  What soon followed was a 20 block walk up 5th street with me bitching about not getting a bus the entire way.  When we finally found Poke-E-Jo’s, we felt like Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail. The stage was set up at the end of a sand volleyball court with picnic tables dispersed throughout the area.  Since the show was free and located so far from the SXSW hub-bub of downtown, the majority in attendance were Austinites out looking for free happy hour beer and some good music.  This gave the show a more relaxed, down-home feel.  With free Shiner beer a flowing, we sat and enjoyed yet another great set by Frog Eyes.  They sounded better than ever, although singer Carey Mercer didn’t seem to be hopped up on speed like usual.  I guess it’s okay to sacrifice showmanship for sound quality.  When they were finished the Absolutely Kosher party was over, yet the bartenders continued filling our cups with Shiner.  Before we knew it, some friendly Austinites were loading us into their car and taking us to see Public Enemy, which leads me too…


Dew Music Festival Town Lake Stage

SXSW always caters to the locals, offering free shows for the entire family to come enjoy.  This is where the Town Lake Stage comes into play, an outdoor stadium-type stage at a park near downtown. When we arrived at Public Enemy we were surrounded by families pushing strollers and drunken frat boys screaming “Flava Flav!!!”  We quickly approached the stage, but soon found we couldn’t even get close to Chuck D and the gang.  We stayed for handful of songs, and finally left due to disappointment.  The whole point of SXSW is seeing great bands in smaller venues.  Seeing a band in a stadium or festival setting is just not satisfying anymore.  There’s no connection there; there’s no feeling that anything could happen next.  It’s so protected with guard rails and bouncers.  If I want to watch Flava Flav on a screen, I’ll flip to VH1 for one of their many “Flavor of Love” marathons.  Does that make me a snobby ass? So be it.


This is very random, but I thought the new guitarist for the Rosebuds looked like my JV basketball coach Jared Cecil, who I fondly remember making us run marathons everyday in practice.  Maybe I just have Cecil on the brain since he coached his girls’ basketball team to a State Title a week ago.


Frenchkiss Records Showcase

The show began with a guaranteed great performance by The Fatal Flying Guillotines.  At a show in an abandoned Mexican church a few years earlier, we saw them play wearing Girl Scout uniforms while spitting on and kicking audience members mercilessly.  By the end of the show a girl attacked one of the guitarists, beating him with her purse.  After the beat down he approached the mike saying, “I’m sorry we’re not Franz Ferdinand” and then spit at her friends as they broke into another song. As expected, they were chased out the back door of the church.

FFG didn’t disappoint this year, continuing their habit of spitting, jumping up on speakers, and leaning onto the crowd randomly in a psychological game of trust.  At various points one of the guys would attempt to walk on people’s shoulders and heads without warning, as if he was Christ walking on water.  As you’d expect, most people would cave under the pressure of a man walking upon their heads.  At various points, one of the members would just stop playing, and glare with piercing eyes at a random person in the audience. Then suddenly he would dive at said person and attempt to reach them as if he wanted blood.  Eventually he’d return to the stage and find someone else to glare at.  At one point one of the more timid guitar players said, “Come on now, you promised no fights tonight.”  I’m guessing what we saw at the Mexican church wasn’t a one time occurrence.  Believe me; everyone in the bar’s attention was fully upon the band, knowing if they lost focus they’d get a lugie or foot to the head.  I loved every tension filled minute of it.

Next up was Thunderbirds are Now!, a safer, poppier, more user friendly Les Savy Fav.  They put on a great show also, although lacking in the lugie department.  What made the show even more interesting was The Fatal Flying Guilloteens attempting to throw bottles at the band or trying to disconnect their equipment.  Thunderbirds played composed and seemed to find humor in the drunken Guillotines. They were finally forced to put up police tape in hopes of stopping the ruckus, which of course just heightened the violence.  The Thunderbirds were more than just a performance piece though; I will definitely be buying some of their music very soon.

The final act of the night was the most anticipated of the week, Les Savy Fav.  I’ve read about Harrington’s crazy behavior during shows, including a tryst with mud wrestlers and kissing random audience members, but had yet to see the crazed maniac in person.  Before starting, FrenchKiss Record’s head man, Seth Jabour, pointed out that it was next to impossible to one up The Fatal Flying Guillotines, but I felt he said this as a challenge to Harrington, who didn’t disappoint.

Harrington started the show in jeans and a pink polo shirt, undressed to completely nude, tucked his junk a la “Silence of the Lambs”, and finally put on a full body spandex jumper with Speedos over top. He then donned a pleather coat, shades, and a graduation cap.

By the end of the show he would be nude again at one point, and would finish the show wearing only red Speedos, a hilarious, cringe inducing sight considering he’s an overweight, red headed bald man with a mad scientist beard.

Other crazy antics: he crawled along the curtain rod on one side of the stage, almost ripping the curtain down.

Later he ran across the bar making one of the frat boy looking bartenders sing a song.

He spilled beer all over himself and then abducted a man from the crowd, rode him like a horse while singing a ditty.

And finally, in a move I’ve never seen before, he stuck the mic in his Speedos and thrust it in an adoring fans face who screamed the lyrics into his crotch.  (No pictures of this for obvious reasons)

My favorite part of all though had to be when he sat down on the monitor speaker and began caressing Paul’s beard, singing to him.  Classic.  Watch the shitty quality video in my heroes section that someone put up on YouTube.  About a minute and fifteen seconds he leans down out of the shot to feel Paul’s face.  A fat naked man petting Paul: most hilarious SXSW moment ever.

I could keep going on and on and on.  Most freaked out, shock inducing, laugh out loud, pump my fist concert experience ever.  Unfortunately, this was the first show we saw all week, making most of the remainder of the week a let down.  Anytime a singer jumped into the crowd I got douche chills knowing he wouldn’t commit and stick his balls in someone’s face. What a shame.

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