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Audio Clip of the Week: John Lennon’s Final Rolling Stone Interview

This past week the world commemorated the death of John Lennon 30 years ago, which has never really made sense to me. Why are we celebrating the day he was mercilessly killed by a selfish douche? Why aren’t we celebrating his birth?

To capitalize on the memorial of this tragedy, Rolling Stone magazine decided to finally release the audio of an interview from  three days prior to his death. The clips are definitely refreshing with Lennon talking down the delusions of youth and ripping into his fans saying, “What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean. I’m not interested in being a dead fucking hero.” Touché.

He also talks about punk rock, Bruce Springsteen, and even quotes Elvis Costello, all of which is strange for me because I forget that he was alive during this fertile, innovative time in music.  I guess we’ll always be left wondering what Lennon’s post-punk album would have sounded like.

Hear some of the interview here:


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One Hundred Dollars “Forest of Tears”

One Hundred Dollars
Forest of Tears
(Blue Fog: 2008)

Rating: 8.6

I have a friend who is constantly bitching to me that, “there is no good punk rock these days.”  Obviously, this friend is a big incorrect doosh, cos there is.  I always get pissed at those types of dudes.  Every genre has its ups and downs, but to say that a genre, any genre, is void of good music here in the late 00’s is erroneous. 

Having said all that, what a pile of shit country music is these days.  Fucken horrible shit.  I sit here watching the CMA’s (I know, I know, what the fuck am I doing watching that?) and it is just one big BLAND piece of shit coming on stage after another.  Boring songs, boring lyrics, boring people, it makes me want to puke.  Also, are there any country artists who aren’t ridiculously good looking?  I mean, I have nothing against good looking people (god knows I am one of them) but are you telling me that every country artist with talent looks like a model?  I seriously hope that some of these people I see on TV get the swine flu.  Think I am being too harsh on mainstream country music?  Then go fuck yourself, you dooshface.

Thank god there are still some fuckers out there, who know that country music is more than wearing a cowboy hat in public, singing about being ridiculously patriotic or looking good while singing shitty pop songs written by someone else (here’s to you Taylor Swift, cos while Kanye is a “jackass” he was right about one thing, your song & video does suck donkey dick, even if you did write it yourself as some who have stuck up for you  against my tirades have claimed).  I am talking about $100 and Forest of Tears, the best country album of the last year or so that I can think of right now (I am in emergency mode after seeing 3 minutes of the CMAs, if I think of a better one I’ll have to clue y’all in later).

Lots of songs about hardships, trains, lesbians on the run, minimum wage, using manure for fertilizer and drinking sung by my new favorite female country singer and embellished with plenty of pedal steel.  I’ll tell you what, it is a pleasure to have this album with me when I need some company (like the drive from Boise to Omaha, in one of them big assed Penske moving trucks).  But mostly I guess it is just good to know that good country music isn’t just a thing of the past.

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