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Top 40 Albums of 2013 (1-20)

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As I came to my conclusive final ordering of albums, I couldn’t help but feel like my list differed from the norm. You’ll find familiar faces like Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, but many of the albums that ended up surfacing near the top are absent from all the major lists I’ve perused in the past few weeks.  Does this mean I’m out of touch or that I’ve become such an outsider that I can’t connect with the mainstream? I hope not. Those albums you find on this list that you’ve never seen included on other lists are not my attempt at being different, rather, they are albums that fell through the cracks by the major outlets and deserve a listen from anyone who still appreciates “the album” as a work of art. The BDWPS.com mission statement of “guiding you down the path less traveled” is truer than ever in 2013.

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Fuck Buttons “Slow Focus”

Fuck Buttons

Slow Focus

[ATP; 2013]

Rating: 8.3

Recently while watching Ken Burn’s six part series on the National Parks, I couldn’t help but find myself enamored by the late, great John Muir. I’d heard the name over the years, whether it be his fervent advocacy for preservation or his theories on how mountains were formed (he was correct: glaciers), but I’d never realized the treasure trove of eloquent statements on nature that he left behind. I’ve always believed that God can be best found in his creations – the mountains, the trees, and the animals – and through the documentary, I quickly realized Muir was my prophet.

It was no accident that moments after finishing the episode I decided to listen to Fuck Button’s latest release Slow Focus.  Instantly, the connections between their music and John Muir’s life intertwined in my mind.  In the world of electronic music, Fuck Buttons are bizarre outsiders much like Muir was viewed most of his life.  Both are minimalists by nature, Muir living off what he could find in the Sierra Mountains and Fuck Buttons reliance on whatever “instruments” they can manipulate enough to suit their needs (they’ve been known to use devices ranging from outdated computer software to children’s toys).

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