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Video Clip of the Week: PWR BTTM “1994”

For avid BDWPS Podcast listeners, I want to let you know that this month’s episode was recorded last night, but I ran into some technical issues afterward. Today, those issues continue, and it may not be another week until I’m able to publish the episode. To help fill the void until I’m able to resolve this issue, I decided to post my favorite song of the moment, PWR BTTM’s “1994.” Musically, the song hearkens back to the sounds of my youth (the 90s), and the video is just as nostalgic in its imagery. The only issue that I have with this garage-pop gem is that it’s over way too soon. I’m sure you’ll find yourself hitting the replay button just as much as me.

Podcast returns later next week.

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Lindisfarne “Fog On the Tyne”

As I prepared for my podcast where I revisited the year 1971 (check it out here!), I came upon a band named Lindisfarne from Newcastle, England and their album Fog On the Tyne. Despite being the first time I’d ever listened to the prog-folk band, I’d quickly realize that I didn’t discover some forgotten gem from the 70s (Fog On the Tyne would be the best-selling album in Britain during that year).  Regardless of their success across the pond, I still felt like I’d stumbled upon some unappreciated band, and I began scouring the internet for videos of them.  My Lindisfarne binge made me quickly realize that this wasn’t some too cool for the room, hippie-folk outfit. These guys were a bunch of goofballs! No video better captures the band’s inability to take themselves seriously than a clip I found of them performing the title track to Fog On the Tyne.

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