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Posterized: Elliott Smith / Steamboat / Austin, Texas

posterized n  – 1. North American slang derived from an action in the game of basketball in which the offensive player “dunks” over a defending player in a play that is spectacular enough to warrant reproduction in a printed poster  2. to be humbled, shamed, and exposed as an inferior athlete   3. a blog series on BDWPS.com that revisits various concert posters collected over the past ten years by contributor Android50

To be posterized is to be remembered – whether it be Tracey McGrady over the towering Shawn Bradley, Malik Rose humbling the finger wagging Dikembe Mutumbo, or Vince Carter shaming every unsuspecting European that got in his way during the 2000 Olympics.  The concept of being posterized began with the Airness himself, Michael Jordan, victimizing NBA rosters throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Guys like Patrick Ewing, Kevin McHale, and Hakeem Olajuwon will forever be immortalized thanks to their inclusion on iconic Jordan posters that adorned the bedrooms of every warm-blooded teenage boy between 1986 and 1993.   My childhood bedroom would be one of these many Meccas to Jordan thanks to my older brother who shared a room with me. I tried countering my brother’s yearning to be “Like Mike” with as many David Robinson posters as I could find in Northwest Iowa (as difficult as you would imagine).   I eventually held a dominate Admiral grasp on the room once my brother and his Jordan posters went off to college.

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Video Clip of the Week: Fang Island “Davy Crockett”

I know this is several weeks too late, but I wanted to post this video in response to the 2011 Dunk Contest. By now everyone knows about how Blake Griffen “wowed” the crowd with his dunk over a Kia (although we all know now that he didn’t even dunk over the hood of the car and lowered himself gingerly back down onto the car).  While ESPN and other hype machines tried making this out as the moment that saved the dunk contest, few were fooled. Griffen was, in fact, the worst performer in the dunk contest yet won before he even walked on the court due simply to the media.

I couldn’t help but think back to the Vince Carter dunk contest when this guy put on a performance that has yet to be topped.  He didn’t have to do any retries; he didn’t do any throw away dunks – he put on a spectacle of athletic prowess that remains to be challenged since.  Last year I came upon this video set to Fang Island’s “Davy Crockett” and felt the director perfectly captured the magic of that night.  The first two minutes of the song are set to images of Vince stalking up and down the court, measuring his steps, testing the ball’s bounce, surveying the entire scene. Then when the song kicks in, Vince unleashes his venom.  The final two minutes of the song are my favorite though with images of the crowd’s reaction spliced all together into one joyous celebration…and he didn’t even need a choir or a crappy Kia.

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