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Grant Hart “The Argument”

Grant Hart

The Argument

[Domino; 2013]

Rating: 9.5

What if both your parents died the same year? And what if that same year your home, which has been in the family for over 100 years, burns down?  And what if while you’re dealing with all this loss, your former band mate (Bob Mould) releases a tell all autobiography where he not only persecutes you and embellishes your use of heroin, but he also takes time to mock your now dead mother?

And what if you were once friends with William S. Burroughs? And what if while you are dealing with all this turmoil, you are bestowed with an unfinished Burroughs space odyssey adaptation of Milton’s Paradise Lost called Lost Paradise? And what if this manuscript inspires you to create a 20-song album about the battle between Heaven and Hell?

That would be pretty awesome, right?

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Video Clip of the Week: A Thanksgiving Prayer

You are correct: this video post is a few days late. You are correct: William S. Burroughs isn’t necessarily a musician (although he did release a series of spoken word style albums over the years). BUT you are dreadfully wrong in finding this post too little too late, if I may be so cliche. This is the all-knowing W.S. Burroughs, and his wry words of wisdom, no matter what season, day, or hour, require your full attention. Be thankful for Mr. Burroughs.

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